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My first sketchbook“, 2014

“Memory of 2016”, 2016

Sunrise on the sea“, 2016

A series of illustration with the title “Miss”, 2013

The main character is a girl. During the day, everyone she sees reminds her of her loved one. At evening, she wishes she could fly, so that she could be with him. If it were to rain, she will be standing under an umbrella, waiting for him to return.

  •  “Listen“, 2016
  •  portrait painting, 2016

mixed media, 2016

What the hell“, 2016

See my world“, 2016

Ball pen drawing, 2015

The picture is the completed version of the handmade illustration. The background is made of newspaper and cardboard. The word ” wanted” is cut out from a piece of vanguard sheet and pasted onto it. The illustration shows a couple fooling around, with the hands representing the girl.

Decorative painting, 2015

On “Chinese Undergraduate Fine Arts Yearbook”

won the second award