Hi,I’m Meiyao Che, you can call me PHYLLIS. I’m a graphic designer.

Throughout the years of my Media Art education, I have fallen in love with graphic design and illustration. Four-year majoring in Graphic Design during undergraduate study has exposed me to a wide range of the art fields. Exaggerated movements and characters are what I do best. At the same time I also have many paintings and pottery works. Every art works has a story behind it, involved different sources of inspiration, different way of creating and different selection and application of materials. Working hard to become greater everyday. Open to learning anything, with a dedication to quality and gaining useful skills.

Inspiration of creation are derived from the dots found in my life. Acrylic paint is the medium mainly used in the paintings. The works of graphic design mainly range from illustrations to the interior pages design and the design of magazines. The works are made to the electronic version with the application of the software on the computer and then printed to finished products for convenient display.

For me, art should not be the unattainable and unfathomable paintings statically locking on the cold wall, instead, it should convey an aesthetic sense and joyfulness to the public as being applied to making people‚Äôs life more convenient and colorful. I am a person that prefer to make life melted into art. Comparing the way mounting the paintings delicately and inlaying them on the wall with a guardrail barrier, making the spectators only look in the distance, I prefer to communicate and contact with viewers and listen to the suggestions of different people for the creation of new works. I believe that I’ll work harder on the road of art career as lone as the dream firm enough.